In all the paintings creating by Gil Pottier, we can notice the same preocupation, the same obsession and concern which consist in translating the biggest human being’s fears of all time along with human questions that are still unfortunately unanswered! The rigor and the way that the artist is staging the characters in his work, we can detect that the characters seem to be part of an antique theatre play where everything used to be coded and all situations had to be fixed with specific principles and rules.
And even if under certain perpectives and angles those canvas appear like only decoratives, the pictorial subject of Gil Pottier goes beyond that allegorical idea and only the observer has the freedom to choose the meanings of what he sees.
This way, we can easily say that Gil Pottier is a worthy successor of the authors of the 16 th century who used to publish collections of symbols in the dark meanings that only those who deserved it could appreciate the reveal symbols and meanings.
What we can surely say about Gil Pottier’s Art pieces is that they are enigmatic pieces while seeking for decrypting and taking over the bodies secrets.
There is definitely something mesmerizing and captivating about Gil Pottier Art paintings

Patrice de la Perrière, Univers des Arts

Outside the world of fashions and fleeting trends that punctuate the history of art today, one can find young artists, such as Gil Pottier, who remain faithful to their own research.
Figure portrayal is his sphere, since his work deals with facial and corporal réality.Beyond the visible, through his work emanates a poetic surrealism which either seduces or astonishes the observer. Strange characters  entwined in cloth, dramatic characters with strange expressions whose presence becomes an obsession.
Gil Pottier’s essential matter reminds us of Leonard da Vinci’s advice:  Observe the marks on the walls”.
What wealth in this research of material which in itself evokes disturbing poetry! Because his painting disturbs through its denseness and impact it is not innocent, it does not ‘represent’ but rather ‘suggests’ and leads the imagination to run… His  reference, it is said, is Italian Renaissance.
Gil Pottier continues in great tradition  influencing with the modernism of our times. The mysterious world of this painter who, like all artist creates one painting; his self portrait. His characters  blending into the background like a Michaelangelo fresco.
Grave and beautiful work of indisputable quality because the spirit and the form and intimately mixed in drama. Gil Pottier would no doubt feel at home in the world of theatre, and we can only dream of a Shakespeare play decorated by him.

François Le Targat, Beaux-Arts Magazine

With a long career behing him and a long experience, Gil Pottier is from those artist who has nothing left to prove. Greatly appreciated by Art connoisseurs and experts,  Gil Pottier graduated from The School of Fine Arts of Aix-en-Provence and Montreal and knows great success since 1990.
His Art work has been Exhibit and sold not only in Montreal but also in great cities such as Paris, Genève, Venice,  London, Tokyo, and New-York to name a few cities who had the great opportunity of having him as a guest and in many art galleries and exhibit his Art work all over the world. Some of his great materpieces are part of important private collections such as Buckingham Palace Royal collection or for Institutional collections. The success of Gil Pottier is essentially based on his easily recognizable specific atmosphere and universe.
His male and female human portraits are done with a touch of Androgynous and are duplicated reproductions of characters that are inifinite sense of an autoportrait. That brings to life a wonderful diaporama of human physicality and emotional stance.
These strong characters have rarely a specific male or female physicality but yet are affirming their individuality by their postures.  Often daring  the latter paintings offers the possiblity to the Artist to communicate freely the essential Idea of his Work whole. And therefore, avoiding any interferences and temptation of unnecessary and superfluous ornaments.
Thus Gil Pottier’s Art work is often welcomed and appreciated for his absolute pureness of aesthetic.
Characters are dressed with simple draped but linear clothing close to hardness cubism sculptural shape, which contrast often with the extreme softness of the bodies represented. Those bodies simply seem to hold on their back the burden of Ten millennium of civilization.
Gil Pottier has been pretty active internatrionaly with numerous Exhibition and busy with travelling around the world for specific events, specially in Italy, Vinzaglio where he is an Academician, and in the North America where he is coming back often for his personnal and professional needs. At the same time, he didn’t leave behind his beloved french country where he is now a proactive member for the Taylor Fondation.
We are honored to welcome Gil Pottier at Sannois’s Villa Rozée for a special exhibition of forties of his inedits pieces and among them a serie called “hommes dans la lumière” (men in the light)

Thibaud Josset, Univers des Arts

Gil Pottier’s paintings are crowded with mysterious presences of creatures human beings with too perfect faces and dreamy characters with a lost contemplative look.
The bodies of those fragmented silhouettes fades away in fuggy backdrops, where are offered countless imperfect folded loose clothes together with sumptuous draped fabrics.
A singular mixture which oscillates between sophisticated fashion style and the materiality of the Frescoes of the revival

To define Gil Pottier’s Artwork, it would consist into wanting to undertsand every details and outlines and edges of human impulses.
Sometimes through his paintings, he is asking us for questions, some other times he is the observer and dissect the edges of pain or the joy that can be brought to us.
Far from inattentive easiness, the latter artist Gil Pottier is living his existential life with great passion.
But intelligent man, he is analysing, questionning and distilling all the pleasures brought into the light beyond ordinary where he can escapes.
True intellectual; he doesn’t only just takes what life is giving to him but he is also keen to understand further, deepen, and dig all things and emotions, he wants to find out and dissolve.
He wants to get into other’s people sorrow, not like a spy , but really as a messenger to communicate with this other one who is close to him.

Each theme is a pretext to develop and study an specific image approach, gesture, and posture.
But inside this work whole, challenges, moderated in its colour ranges, are exploding all the human passions,yours, ours, mine, with all their strenght, refinement and sophistication