Outside the world of fashions and fleeting trends that punctuate the history of art today, one can find young artists, such as Gil Pottier, who remain faithful to their own research.

Figure portrayal is his sphere, since his work deals with facial and corporal réality. Beyond the visible, through his work emanates a poetic surrealism which either seduces or astonishes the observer. Strange characters entwined in cloth, dramatic characters with strange expressions whose presence becomes an obsession.

Gil Pottier‘s essential matter reminds us of Leonard da Vinci’s advice: “Observe the marks on the walls“.

What wealth in this research of material which in itself evokes disturbing poetry! Because his painting disturbs through its denseness and impact it is not innocent, it does not ‘represent’ but rather ‘suggests’ and leads the imagination to run… His reference, it is said, is Italian Renaissance.

Gil Pottier continues in great tradition influencing with the modernism of our times. The mysterious world of this painter who, like all artist creates one painting ; his self portrait. His characters blending into the background like a Michelangelo fresco.

Grave and beautiful work of indisputable quality because the spirit and the form and intimately mixed in drama. Gil Pottier would no doubt feel at home in the world of theatre, and we can only dream of a Shakespeare play decorated by him.